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Amy jai
Amy jai (仔) is an influencer and video creator, covering on concerns of aesthetics, arts, cultural and lifestyle, to spread the goodness of life.
Visual Identity
Brand Identity
Art Direction
Motion Graphic
Graphic Design

Épais is a newly found health and beauty conept, as its establishment of a hair salon combined with scalp care center. Through its detailed analysis of scalp health, decluttering from daily hair product consumptions, Épais offers deeply layered scalp care treatments with its organic product lineup.

The task was to emphasize the brand's voice: introducing a new and unique market competitor.
Brand Identity

Big Brother is watching you.
The crossover collaboration between the two young fashion brands, Ginger and LEUR’EM, takes an approach to the eclecticism and practice of New Age, in a spiritual yet minimal way.

We took the well known quote, Big Brother is watching you, originally from George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four as a means of controlling and suppressing the will of the populace. In this case to be a metaphor of looking after ourselves from a higher level perspective, transforming ourselves to be better selves.
Art Direction
Environmental Design

Endy Chow Live in Concert
Key visual & identity design for singer-songwriter Endy Chow’s 2017 concert Galactica.

It was a strong visual identity which tells the story of the singer-songwriter. The visual elements with creative photography took in place, expressing the journey to the galactic, reborn of the artist’s ten-year story.
Visual Identity

Endy Chow
Logo, identity design for Hong Kong singer-songwriter Endy Chow jaugwokyin, in his fourteenth year of music journey.
Brand Identity

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