Fovea Jewellery

Brand Identity

Visual branding of the newly founded jewellery brand Fovea, for its visual identity and brand communication materials.

Client: Fovea Group (HK) Limited
Design Consultancy: Collective
Spacial & Interior Design: Betty Ng, Katja Lam, A.Lau, G.Ng
Graphic Design: Billy Cheung, Suki Ma, Dani Chong
Photography: Kevin Mak

Courtesy of Collective.

Diamond and Graphite both as the pure forms of Carbon: a black graphite-color and stone — textured stage displaying diamonds within its own natural context.

Given its nautral context and textured stage display to match with, we created a customized logotype to adorn with the brand logo, and seamlessly with the interior design also the display scenography.

Communication materials were set to comply with the brand guidelines.

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