You probably heard of the news, IKEA's logo got a makeover.

Everyone's initial reaction was, "It's the same". But look at the adjustments they made, SVG files are on their international site and the U.S. site, you'll be able to get them for a close look of the logo.

Before and After.

Before and After, compared in strokes.

Before and After, compared when multiplying.

The 2019 Logo.

Here are the details of the adjustments:

  • The increased height of the oval allows the letters to be larger
  • Flares in the letters have been reduced, making the "E" look heavier
  • Counter spaces of the “A” have been opened up 
  • Angles of the “K” have been modified
  • Kerning is better, overall
  • Not to mention, the registration mark was moved inside the oval

It's a sutble change, but all changes are in the details.

Designed by
Seventy Agency (Stockholm, Sweden)