New Year's Hope

Warm greetings for your loved ones. The shining stars as the sign of peace, and the fortune cake wishing you abundance of health, wealth, and prosperity.

Taken the unique feature of the paper stock, that it becomes transparent under hot stamping, we were able to play around our concept with the post-production effect.

Hot stamping on PACHICA 233gsm
About the paper – PACHICA
PACHICA is representative of the HAPTIC* series of fine papers. (Haptic means relating to or pleasant to the sense of touch.)
      PACHICA is unique in that it becomes transparent under hot stamping. Its surface has a distinctive feel, like a soft, napped fabric. Simply touching it brings back long-forgotten delightful tactile sensations. The three-dimensionality produced by the contrast with the transparent, hot-stamped sections combies with the PP lamination on the back of the paper to vary the color.
      This characteristic stimulates the imaginations of designers and creators, whose ideas can be brought into play to produce original, unique works.
*HAPTIC is TAKEO’s registered trademark.
©Daedalustudio. All rights reserved.
©Daedalustudio. All rights reserved.